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Depths of Destrus is a Roguelike Dungeon RPG with various items and monsters.

You're just an ordinary person, suddenly waking up in some random dungeon.
Yet to know that you weren't the only one, and it's only gonna get worse.
In order to survive, you must fight your way through the dungeon and defeat the master of the dungeon.
Better be cautious though.. You never know what's lurking around.
(I don't want to spoil too much)

RPG game with inventory, magic, combat, destructible objects, monsters, traps, dialog, and much more.

Depths of Destrus is based on a highly edited version of First Person RPG Template for Unity3D. We take no shame in this fact, and are working towards making it our own.

Any ideas and/or feedback is highly appreciated.
Join our Discord Server for live updates and more about the game.
(Questions made on Discord will also be answered faster, than on GameJolt or Itch.io. There are also Drafts of the upcoming update.)

Null Studios on Twitter.

Thumbnail by Makarimorph.


Small indie studio with a party of 3 young creators.

Aly - Team Leader & Lead Developer
Archdragon - Developer, 3D Artist & Concept Designer
Jen The Foxy - Pixel Artist & Music Designer

General Information:

 Movement: WASD
 Attack: LMB
 Interact: E
 Map: M
 Hotbar: 1-6
 Pause: ESC
Item Stats:
 Strength: Increases physical damage.
 Stamina: Increases your maximum health.
 Spirit: Increases magical damage.
 Willpower: Increases your maximum mana.
Difficulty Range:
 Easy: -30% to monster & trap's damage & health.
 Normal: Play as the game was intended.
 Hard: +150% to monster & trap's damage & health.
 I regret my decisions..: +400% to monster & trap's damage & health.

Official Depths of Destrus OST on Soundcloud!

If you're interested in other versions of the game, you can always check out our Archive, or our Development Archive. 


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